Irony: Write Up on “Writers Block”

Do you realize the irony of writing about not being able to write? I hear it’s called “writers block” … but how can you have writers block when you aren’t even a writer… don’t you need to first be accepted into the cult of writers? Isn’t there a union? I’ve heard there’s one for anything you can think of these days.

If I packed all the questions on my mind into the first paragraph of this write up about writer’s block, I guess we will all just be left worse off than we started. Or did we even start already? I’m not sure we can start something that is supposed to be a source of information to its readers by asking question after question after question. And by the way, there are no guarantees the “questions bug” won’t affect following paragraphs. If there was a constitution for writing, I bet that would be the first thing it would forbid.

Let’s think about a possible constitution for a minute, and ponder for a second on what would be in it, and what wouldn’t. In my vision, I think it would be a blank piece of paper, possibly likened to some of the art we see at exhibitions these days… the meaning hidden in the symbol it represents. In this case, the symbol of a ‘tabular raza’, a blank slate, no rules, possible to wipe clean at any time and start all over again, no inhibitions… that’s what writing should be about; or don’t you agree?

I never went to a writing school, I never liked English in school; but you know what I like? Being heard. Well, I guess in that respect, most of us are like everyone else. If we all agree on this, why are there so many wars? This only goes further to prove that communication is only a means to an end. Not in the quality of the diction, or the versatility of the vocabulary, but for the outcome it aims to achieve. If you understand what I’m saying to you, and by understand, I mean I succeed in passing the intended information to you, haven’t I truly communicated? Should the “quality of communication” even be a thing? Isn’t that flawed in the very nature of its non-existence? Or shall I say existence? Does that question matter? I think not.

I’m sorry to put it to you, but deep down I’m sure you already figured out what I’m about to say to you… you broke the news to yourself a long time ago, but disbelief got you going on, reading to find meaning in this entire write up… you’ve asked yourself at least once during the course of your reading this article if I really have anything tangible to say to you, and you have come to the very same answer, again and again. Well if we are working with probability, the chances that you’re right is most likely a one.

But then, ask yourself this. Does the impact of an event on a single person determine its entire relevance in all ramifications of its reach? I think not.

Good night.


Hello world!

I woke up, and 4 months had passed in 2015… “this is terrible!”, I thought to myself. I had a long list of things I had planned to accomplish in this year and no check boxes had been ticked. Let me better put things in perspective, progress report on each one was the same; 0%. “Oh my god, no! Not again!”, I said to myself.

Amidst all the drama above, I’m almost sure every single one of you reading this can relate, and you’re probably saying to me “I know right?!”. Yes, that’s how we all “know right”, and then before you know it, 2035 is staring at you and saying, “do you want me to just roll over your previous list or….” That shall not be your portion in jesus name! Lol.

Alright, need I say starting a blog is one of the items on my list? Yes, you guessed right! And guess what, my blog is up! Yay! Progress: 5% 🙂